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USB Foot Pedal For Transcription
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If you are looking for the best USB foot pedal for your transcription work, you are in the right place for the right information you need to make the best buy decision. 

There are many foot pedals in the market, but not all are made with transcription/dictation in mind. However, a lot of people asking to know the best foot pedal on the market and that is the reason why we decided to shed light on the top USB foot pedal. But, before that, let’s quickly look at what a foot pedal entails for the sake of those who are not familiar with this equipment.

A foot pedal is one of the essential pieces of equipment required for the smooth running of a professional transcription service. In a business-meaned transcription service, pausing the video player with the hand or using the keyboard shortcut is a waste of time.  

The foot pedal helps you rewind, pause, and fast-forward your work using your leg while typing. It makes transcription smooth, easy, and fast. It reduces some of the mechanical burdens on your fingers, and you can do more at once.


After a thorough consultation with professional transcribers, groups, and online shopping malls, these are the top USB foot pedals for transcription/dictation we came up with.  

1. Express Scribe Transcription Pedal Bundle

Express Scribe transcription bundle comes with a heavy-duty Infinity IN-USB-3 USB transcription foot Pedal, Spectra FLX-10 Transcription Headset, plus Express Scribe Professional Transcription Software. It is a package specifically designed for typing and transcription jobs in mind. The installation process is directional and smooth.

Some of the features of the transcription software are speed playback, multi-channel control, video player, and file management, among others. The bundle contains a USB foot pedal for transcription with a weight of only 2.3 lbs. The foot pedal is molded with a sleek low profile and wider flare at the base, offering greater flexibility in foot movement regardless of the foot size.

This foot pedal has internal durable and sensitive switches that provide you with an “Easy-Touch” response and minimal resistance and offers long-lasting comfort to any foot. Also, inside the bundle, there is a twin-speaker stereo headset with a 10 ft cord which is compatible with Express Scribe Transcription Software.

2. Olympus RS27 Digital USB Transcription Foot Pedal RS-27

USB Foot Pedal For Transcription

Olympus RS27 Digital USB Transcription Foot Pedal RS-27 is designed for use with Olympus software, but it doesn’t come with the software. This pedal features 3 buttons, a fast forward, rewind, and pause/play.

However, with your foot, you can control playback, fast-forward, and rewind. But you need to complement it with transcription software to function. If you don’t have transcription software yet, consider buying one.

3. ECS USB Foot Switch for Sony Digital Voice Editor 

USB Foot Pedal For Transcription

ECS USB Foot Switch for Sony Digital Voice Editor is designed to make transcription work easy and with little to no foot fatigue. Its ergonomic design allows you to rest your foot comfortably while dictating or transcribing. 

This USB foot pedal is specifically designed for use with Sony Digital Voice Editor on Windows PC. And all versions of Sony Sound Organizer.

This foot pedal is not compatible with dictation/transcription software programs which IN-USB-2 is compatible with.

4. VEC in-USB-3 Infinity 3 Digital USB Foot Control

USB Foot Pedal For Transcription

The VEC Infinity 3 USB foot pedal is developed with foot control design, transcription technologies, and hands-free dictation. It has strong construction and durable internal switches which enhances performance and user comfort. This Infinity foot pedal also features a low-profile design and has a wider flare at its base for more flexibility. In addition to a greater surface area to stand firmly on the ground without slipping.

This USB foot pedal for transcription doesn’t require any prior experience to configure. You can simply plug it into a laptop/PC and it will instantly recognize it. It takes not more than 3 minutes to set up. You can easily configure the forward and backward pedals and even the main pedal to function to your liking. It is a plug-and-play model!

5. Philips ACC2310 USB Foot Control For Transcription

USB Foot Pedal For Transcription

Philips ACC2310 USB Foot Pedal for transcription makes transcription work faster and more accurately. It enables the use of the foot to start and pause the playback of audio files which makes it perfect for professional dictation. The efficiency and comfort built onto this pedal were achieved by closely studying transcriptionists’
movements. The slim design reduces foot movement and physical strain.

This pedal comes with configurable pedal functions which makes it super easy to personalize to suit the transcription style you prefer via Philips SpeechControl or SpeechExec software. This device is easy to use, no need to lift up your foot. Just a slight toe touch is enough to get your work going, making your hands always free for typing.

This USB foot pedal for transcription is compatible with: Philips SpeechExec Transcribe 10 or higher Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe 10 or higher Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Transcribe 4 or higher Philips SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution Package Contents: Foot Control and User Manual.

6. Vpedal Transcription Foot Pedal

Vpedal transcription foot pedal is for professional and home use. It works perfectly with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and connects via a USB port. And it also works with Express Scribe Professional, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Quicktime, Real Player, Winamp, and other “hot key” applications.

The Vpedal USB transcription foot pedal is programmable for use with non-transcription applications as well. The HotKey application allows it to send keyboard commands to the windows application. And it enables you to click your mouse with your foot.

This USB foot pedal is for traditional transcription or other applications that require foot pedal control of audio and video playback.


I hope this is enough for you to make a perfect decision on the best foot pedal for your transaction/detention work. You may like our recent article on the best headphones for transcription/dictation.

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