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Is Upwork good for beginners
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Is Upwork good for beginners? is a common question among up and coming freelancers. A freelance job in Upwork is very competitive, but if you know the rules and play by them, it is an easy and very lucrative endeavour.

In this article, I will be sharing my three years of experience working as a freelancer in Upwork with you, and I hope it answers your question,” is Upwork good for beginners?”.

Before going into details on whether is Upwork good for beginners, especially beginners with no previous freelancing experience, a brief overview of Upwork is essential.

Upwork is an online marketplace where freelancers and clients connect to exchange mainly intangible goods and services. Getting a job as a freelancer is in two ways, you can apply for a job posted by a client for a specific amount. And you can also create a unique project that showcases your expertise while clients purchase it at your stipulated amount, why you render them the services.

Upwork came into existence 18 months after the merger of Elance, and oDesk was announced in December 2013. Elance was founded in 1999 by Beerud Sheth and Srini Anumolu, while oDesk was founded in 2003 by Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. They came together as Upwork Global Inc in 2015. Besides, Upwork is a publicly-traded company with a market cap of about $2.94 Billion, as of the time of writing this article.

Let’s not digress too much.

Is Upwork good for beginners?

In my humble opinion, I think Upwork is a good start for anyone who wants to pursue freelancing as a career because they have millions of jobs from which you can find a perfect choice.

” Upwork has 145.4 thousand core active clients spending at least $5,000 per year. Employers on Upwork spend a combined $2.52 billion annually” Backlinko. So you have a lot of opportunities to make money with your skills as a freelancer in Upwork.

However, there are a lot of challenges with Upwork as a beginner. These challenges are not insurmountable because many people have passed through them and become successful. This is so for a total beginner with a new profile and even someone with previous experience outside Upwork Platform with a new profile.

How can I be successful in Upwork?

Is Upwork good for beginners

Yes, not having previous experience can make it difficult to get your first job. But you can ease it by explaining clearly in your description that you can deliver jobs perfectly. Be convincing enough in your description, and add any qualifications you have to support your argument.

As a beginner, it is not easy to get high paying jobs, but targeting the less demanding jobs and applying for as many as possible will land you jobs fast.

It should be your daily routine, applying for many jobs as you can until you start getting results. These jobs may not be high paying, but they are worth doing for the sake of building your reputation to stand a chance for high paying once because clients have access to view your work histories such as the number of jobs you have done so far, earnings, feedbacks and your success scores and it has a lot of impacts.

If you are an experienced freelancer in other freelance marketplaces but new to Upwork, you can also explain your previous experiences in your new Upwork profile description to attract clients. Even your previous offline work experience convincingly explained in your description can be a source of credibility to your profile and you will get clients. If you want to strengthen your argument, you can make a video introducing yourself as a new person in Upwork, explain your experiences, and upload it.

5 Things You Need To Know About Upwork To Pace Your Success.

1. Upwork Is not a journey of one day!

It’s going to be hard for a while, but with time it will become super easy as you get to understand the system that works perfectly on the platform.

All you have to do after your registration is to create your project listing and optimize them properly so that it can be found whenever a client is searching for your services. You can find how to improve your project catalogue listing here.

Your project listing is not enough, you should be aggressive in your search for a job, and for that reason, you have to send in applications for listed jobs in your field.

You will be given some free “connects” as a bonus to kickstart job applications as you get started with Upwork, but It will not be enough. It’s advisable to buy “connects” as you begin and spend time sending proposals to clients don’t mind if the proposals are being turned down, continue sending until you get the one for yourself.

The first set of jobs that will come your way may have more troubles than their reword, but don’t mind. Always remember to ask your clients for review after completing their assignments, as it’s necessary to build up your credibility and stand a chance for better opportunities. Because the more jobs you complete successfully, the more opportunity you have for better ones until you get to a point when finding jobs will no longer be an issue.

Finding jobs may be so difficult in your first 1- 6 months that you may feel that it’s impossible to succeed, but everyone making it today has had such a feeling sometime back in their journey to the top. You have to keep the boat sailing.

2. Upwork is a game of numbers:

As I have said before, the more jobs you apply to give you more chance to land one, that is why It’s an ideal practice to buy “connect”. Because the number of “connects” you will be given as a bonus when you create your account will not be enough if you want to be aggressive to get your way through fast.

However, you will be receiving a monthly allocation of”connect” as a bonus, but you don’t have to rely solely on the bonuses if you want to succeed fast.

Connect: is a kind of token used in applying for jobs in Upwork. A job cost between 1-6 “connects”, but it depends on the type of job. As a beginner, you should try as much as possible to send between 30-and 50 applications daily to expect a job sooner. It is going to cost you a handful amount of “connects”. It’s advisable you buy so that you can meet your daily target.

The price of “connect” stands at $0.15 as of the time of writing this article, and they come in bundles of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80( $1.5, $3, $6, $9,$12 respectively). If you are a smart investor, you should take advantage of Freelancer Plus to get 80 “connects” every month, including other premium benefits. You may want to learn more about Freelancer Plus; if yes, click here.

I can’t overemphasise the game of numbers when it comes to Upwork jobs applications for newbies. If you can play the numbers game to your advantage; get reviews and stars, you will get jobs more than you expected.

3. Your Price Plan:

Carefully planning and fixing your project price has an impact on your profile. You should spy on other freelancers in your nitch and complement it with the average hourly rate for different freelancing fields and use it to set your price. Your price should not go below the minimum in your area of work. Otherwise, you will be seen as unprofessional and be disregarded. Overpricing is also a barrier and is more so when there is no record of a previous job.

Just be moderate, don’t go too low or too high, stay in between. Underpricing your service will not make your inexperience as a beginner be overlooked; it will only signal you as an unqualified and spammy applicant. A client who wants a good job will definitely not go for underpriced services. To be sincere with you, nobody will like to open your proposal when your services are underpriced. If you want to be taken seriously, you should not charge less than $10 as a beginner, and $20 for an intermediate, while the professional has all the experience to price a job.

4. Experience:

Your previous experience counts a lot in freelancing. Client testimonials are a powerful way to show your value and boost credibility. Ask any client you have worked with to endorse your skills with a testimonial on your profile.

Clients like to see evidence to be assured that they are dealing with the right person; even if it’s outside of Upwork, you should highlight it in your description.

However, a new profile without any work history and review can make you feel no one will ever want to work with you. This is where your real-world experience outside Upwork fits in. Make references to names, results, and case studies.

So many clients are there looking to build a business relationship with a new person regardless of their profile; all they want is to be convinced that you are up to par. If you don’t know yet, you should know that every one of us started with a blank profile, myself included. So long we strive from the bottom to the top is an assurance for you that very soon you also will be on top.

5. Your Home Feed:

Setting up your home feed with keywords focused on your area of specialization to avoid a cluster of unwanted jobs is very important. It will save you time scrolling through irrelevant jobs in your feed. As a beginner, you should focus your keyword on your goal; for instance, if your interest is Editing, you should focus all your keywords around Editing. As time goes on, you can continue expanding your horizon.

In addition, you should be doing special searches, targeting low competition keywords, which will bring you a lot of jobs that are less likely to show up to many people. Sub keywords associated with the main keyword your home feed is focused on can help you find a job with less competition.

Now, I think you have learned enough to make a good freelancer; you should be inspired to Sign-up for an Upwork account and start submitting applications for jobs right away.

Conclusion: Is Upwork good for beginners?

Yes, Upwork is an ideal platform for beginner freelancers to start their careers. However, it has its ups and downs, but they are not insurmountable. So many people have passed through the journey from a plain profile to a 5-star rated profile. It’s just a matter of time. Rome was not built in a day, so don’t expect to be seeing high paying jobs in the beginning.

To succeed in the platform, you must persevere, apply for many jobs as possible, price your projects properly, demonstrate how you will execute projects successfully, avoid unnecessary jobs, and learn to take the little that comes your way until you grow to the prime.

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I hope this article answers the question Is Upwork good for beginners?. Let me know in the comment section below.

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