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How To Pass GoTranscript Exam
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How to pass GoTranscript exam is incredibly becoming a popular question online. GoTranscript is one of the largest online Transcription and Translation platforms, and it’s open for anyone to work from anywhere. And they provide services to people in more than six different languages worldwide.

If you are interested in the GoTranscript job, you must pass the assessment exams. Which are Grammar and Audio tests. These tests are not as easy as they may be assumed. So many people have tried and failed. And that begs the question of how to pass GoTranscript exams.

I know you can’t wait to see the detail on how to pass the GoTranscript exams. But an important note before we go further is that GoTranscript pays lesser than many of its competitors. Their audio/video minute is $0.60.

The good side of this company is that they give you a head start by providing instructions to facilitate your work as a beginner. And they offer transcription tests like training to get you started. And excellent user support, so you can contact them for any information or clarification and get a prompt response.

Five (5) Point Agenda On How To Pass The GoTranscript Exam.

1. Transcription Equipment

How To Pass GoTranscript Exam

The first step toward any career path is getting equipment ready. The basic things you need to start a career in transcription are a PC, Internet connection, headphones, and transcription software. Most transcription companies do have transcription software and do not require you to purchase one. However, you are not required to have a personal transcription software by GoTranscript.

2. Transcription Exercise

Before going for any exam is ideal to do some practical exercises to ensure success. Most transcription websites do have a practice test. You will have to sign up to access the Gotranscript transcription training tests. Before we continue, Click here to sign up.

After signing up, click here for the GoTranscript practice test.

There are other resources online to enhance your training and equip yourself better. The following resources and practice files are FREE for you to polish your transcription skills.

Free Typing Training is a100% free trying training for everyone.

Listen and Write offers listening tests and training. As you can understand, listening is core to a transcription job.

Express Scribe Practice Transcription Files is a transcription training file that has helped many people succeed in their transcription tests.

Pay good attention to detail. Test your listening ability carefully and Practice Typing and transcribing regularly. Learn and understand proper punctuation and brush up on Grammar and Spelling. Learn transcription formatting and follow the style guide.

3. Transcription Guideline

Every transcription companies have guideline which you must follow strictly working with them. If you want to Pass the GoTranscript Exam, follow their transcription guideline.

In the GoTranscript transcription guideline, you will come across the following sections, Text formations, Time stampings, Major rules, etc. The transcription guideline is key to your success, so you should study them discreetly.

And at the end of the transcription guideline, you will find a link to the Job test.

4. Critical Thinking

In some cases, you will find yourself at a juncture where you have to decide what the speaking said. And that is where critical thinking comes in handy in transcription. As you can understand, words have different meanings to different people, and their meanings are different in every context. So good knowledge of critical thinking will go a long way to help you analyse complex sentences and succeed in your GoTranscript exam and as well in your carrier.

You can practice critical thinking online at 123test. There are a host of other resources online to improve your critical thinking. Just type “critical thinking practice” on google, and you will find them.

5. Proofreading

Nobody is above mistakes, so make sure to proofread your work before sanitation. Even when the test seems so simple not to get 99%/100%, proofreading is necessary because of typographical and other kinds of errors. And cross-check sentences again for grammatical errors, punctuation and text formation errors. And do the necessary correction, if any.

Moreover, never be discouraged, but be confident that you can make it.

Conclusion:How To Pass GoTranscript Exam

Passing the Gotranscript transcription exam is not that complicated if you practice transcription according to their guidelines. And you may not be a pro at typing the time you are taking the test, but with time it will come. What matters most in the GoTranscript transcription exam is your ability to interpret accurately what you hear and type them down. Strong command of grammar and spelling is essential in transcription.

My advice is that you should understand fully well what transcription entails before attempting the certification test.

You may also want to see a comprehensive list of transcription companies and their payment and entrance requirements. I have written about the best freelance transcription websites for beginners and experienced transcriptionists. It will help you make an informed decision on which company to apply for a job.

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