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data entry jobs salary
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Online Data entry jobs’ salary varies. Indeed, your expertise and location determine how much you earn. Your earnings are dependent on your typing speed, accuracy rate, and reliability. So, fast, accurate, and reliable typists earn more money.

In this industry, there are different payment methods. Some recruiters pay per hour, some pay by keystrokes per minute, some pay by each project completed, etc.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly salary for data entry jobs in the United States is about $19.98. In general, salary for data entry jobs in the United States ranges from  $7.93 to as high as $39.66.

I think that is for a more conventional data entry job other than the online data entry industry comprising Freelancers and independent contractors.

However, outside the United States, mostly in developing countries, the rate is disproportionate due to the minimum wage in the region, including the employers’ salary benchmark.

So, before we go further, let’s look at the data entry job in detail.

What Is Data Entry Job?

Data entry jobs encompass a broad range of typing Jobs which includes but are not limited to Transcription, electronic data processing, word processing, and coding. The most common online data entry is Captcha Typing and Crowdsourcing.

There are two main types of data entry jobs, remote and in-house data entries. The remote data entry job is also known as an online data entry job, typically a home-based job, while in-house data entry is office or location-based.

data entry job salary

Features Of Remote Data Entry Job

Remote data entry is one of the most flexible online jobs. You can do this job from anywhere you are, and in some cases, you control the hours you work and when you work.

Salaries for remote data entry workers are not hourly based. They are either paid per project or by keystroke per time.

The priority in remote work is your performance and reliability, not your work history. So, your ability to complete tasks perfectly can earn you an extra reward.

The flexibility of remote data entry jobs makes it a good opportunity for people with full-time jobs who need a side hustle. It’s also an ideal job for students as it allows them to earn extra money while in college.

Before we go further, it may interest you to know that you can even make money online without any skills. If that sounds interesting to you, check out my recent article on how to make money on Fiverr without any skill.

Features of In-House Data Entry Job

In-house data entry jobs usually have a location, unlike the remote, and the salary is usually per hour.

There are a lot of benefits to in-house data entry workers like merit bonuses, paid time off, etc.

The performance benefit is also applicable in in-house data entry. And this is based on the speed, accuracy, and reliability of your work.

What You Should Know About Data Entry Job

Data entry jobs are the most flexible online work-from-home jobs. Of a truth, Data entry is an easy way to get started working online from home.

The complication of online data entry jobs is the skills required to get started. They focus on typing speed and accuracy in typing, unlike conventional office settings requirements.

So, your ability to type fast and accurately plus enough time to carry out tasks is the demand of this job. And which are also the determining factor for how much you can earn. Otherwise, you will not make a substantial income.

How To Become Data Entry Specialists

Real-time practical experiences are inevitable to becoming data entry specialists. And as such, pursuing a career in the following areas will help you achieve your dream.

Pursue education in technical training, Workshops, Symposiums, and even through high school and a college degree, diploma, or certificate geared towards a career as a professional typist. Earning a qualification or certification will improve your job prospect in a conventional office data entry job.

Taking up and completing an internship in the field is another way to enhance your typing skills. It will also help you ascertain if the job is suitable for you or not.

How To Be Successful In Data Entry Jobs

To be successful in data entry jobs, you need multidimensional skills. It will only take you time to acquire these skills online for free, but it is worth it for the purpose it will serve you. Here below are the steps to take to improve your data entry skills:

Language Skills Improvement

Proficiency in any language you wish to work in is essential in data entry jobs to ensure accuracy in spelling. Although most data entry jobs are in English, they are also available in other languages. In terms of data entry jobs in the English language, good use of spoken and written is a prerequisite to being successful.

Professional Typing Skills

In data entry jobs, your typing speed means more salary in your pocket. So, typing speed of at least 60 words per minute is what you need to be able to earn a reasonable amount in this field. However, there is no industry-set standard. Every recruiter has their words per minute specification. Some may even specify up to 80-90 words per minute.

To practice this skill by yourself, use database software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Notepad, Google Docs, etc. To make this exercise simple and easy for you, get a stopwatch to complement your training. Set your stopwatch on every minute and start typing anything on the database sheet to know how fast you are. As you continue this practical exercise, you will reach a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute in no time.

Free online games that have to do with typing are another ways to improve your typing speed while enjoying the game as a hobby. When you feel your typing speed is good enough to make the typing job test, consider a free online typing test first to ascertain your level of speed.

Computer Literacy

Basic computer literacy sufficient enough to handle office databases and software is required. And also the ability to use computer programs and software to enter and edit electronic data and save work. You also need the skill to be able to surf the internet of any software or computer program which may be required while working online. You should also know how to connect and use computer peripherals like headphones, printers, scanners, etc. There are many training tutorials to learn how to connect and use computer peripherals on YouTube and Google.

In general, tutorials to learn the skills required to meet the level of computer literacy for a data entry specialist are all available on Google and YouTube.

Interpersonal communication skills

As a dada specialist, you will be dealing with co-workers, managers, and technicians about the information you are entering. Communication between you and your employer and your colleagues is inevitable, and as such good interpersonal communication is highly needed.

Good interpersonal communication skills are just like customer service skills, and you can learn these skills with free online resources on google and YouTube. If you want to go a step further, you can enroll in customer service training online or buy a course on Udemy.

Advantages Of Online Data Entry Jobs

Some of the advantages of online data entry jobs are low entry barriers, easy access to jobs, independent contractors, and great flexibility.

So many companies need data entry workers, so workers can easily find employment. Moreover, companies outsourcing work and employment opportunities through freelancing continue to grow in data entry because a virtual workforce of independent contractors is significantly less expensive than an in-house worker.

In addition to that, the cost and effort involved in recruiting the skills needed for data entry are far lower than for many other jobs.

Data Entry Jobs Salary

Low salaries are the issue people have with data entry jobs, especially online data entry. They seem better as a side hustle than as the mainstay job. And to address this issue, you should consider browsing through different locations and companies to see the better offers. And focus your search and application in the area where there are better-paying offers, preferably the USA, CA, UK, and AU.

It is advisable to use data entry as a side income to boost your living standard than rely on it as your permanent job. It is a best-to-fit job for students and nursing mothers looking for side income.

Red Line In Data Entry Jobs

There are a lot of scams in this industry, like job application fee scams and unscrupulous data entries meant to waste your time and never get paid and identity stealing, etc.

Do your thorough research about any company that offers a data entry job before your applications. Do not apply for a job with any company that does not have credible online information for vetting purposes. Legitimate companies do have information about their whereabouts, workforce, schedule, etc.

Preferably, search for work with a company that has the approval of consumer services like the Better Businesses Bureau(BBB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Because of the high risk of identity theft in many data entry schemes, you should do a detailed background check about your prospective employer before releasing any sensitive information about yourself to them. Such as your Social Security Number and Checking Account details.

Any company that asks you for any form of payment, no matter how good it may look, you should avoid it. Legitimate data entry employers will not ask you for any form of payment, call it registration, or whatever.


Data entry job salary per hour, day, or week depends more on the company, country, and professionalism in data entry. While online data entry is more flexible, there are more incentives for in-house data entry specialists. In-house data entry workers may enjoy bonuses like paid off, overtime, and health.

There are a lot of data entry jobs you can start online today, such as Transcription, electronic data processing, word processing, Captcha Typing, etc.

You can start hunting for these jobs from freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Who knows if this may benefit you? I have written extensively about freelancing in Upwork for beginners to get you started.

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