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affiliate marketing jobs for beginners
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There are many different types of affiliate marketing jobs for beginners. Some of the most popular affiliate marketing jobs include Affiliate Media buyer, Affiliate Business Development, and Affiliate Marketing Manager.

So, If you are looking to get a job in affiliate marketing as a total beginner, you are welcome to the right information source.

However, whether you only want to have the safety and security of a job before you go into affiliate marketing as a self-employed. Or, maybe you just like to be in the field but don’t necessarily want to become a self-employed affiliate marketer soon. From this article, you are going to learn about the top affiliate marketing companies, cities, and jobs.

Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Jobs For Beginners To Build Up A Full-Time Carrer In Affiliate Marketing

1. Affiliate Manager

First, the Affiliate manager job is one of the affiliate marketing jobs that a beginner can take up to build a career in affiliate marketing.  Typically, an affiliate manager is someone who connects affiliates with products that they can promote.   

In terms of income, affiliate marketing jobs payments and remunerations are often commissions based. But in rare cases, it can be salary based. So, an affiliate manager will make anywhere between 10-20% commission on every transaction it does. And this percentage can increase when you can connect with many big affiliates.

For instance, if you are an affiliate manager for Uber, you will have to find people who can send massive leads (potential customers)  to Uber. So, your target will be people with an enviable online presence or presence in general. Like but not limited to bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, and Snapchatters to talk about and link to Uber’s affiliate products. That will be your job!

2. Affiliate Business Development

Unlike an affiliate manager who deals with people directly, a business development officer deals with companies directly. Unlike an affiliate manager who deals with people directly, an affiliate business development officer deals with companies directly. Precisely, an affiliate business developer is responsible for connecting companies who are willing to create an affiliate offer and set up an affiliate program deal with them on behalf of its company.

For instance, if you got a job with one of the top affiliate networks like ClickBank or CJ, your duty will be to go out and find businesses to create affiliate programs for their products.

Moreover, salaries for business development jobs with affiliate companies are also on commission bases, and you can earn anywhere between 10-20% commission of the total revenue.

3. Affiliate Media Buyer

Media buyer (aka, In House Affiliate) is a career-oriented job that any beginner in affiliate marketing jobs will like to get. Your job as a media buyer is to run and manage ad campaigns on behalf of your company.

However, you will be spending company money running ads with different ad networks like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.   

Besides, you are not taking any risk by yourself as the money you spend on ads is company money. So, this is a good start for anyone who hopes to become a self-employed affiliate marketer. And you can work as a media buyer with companies with their actual offer and affiliate networks.

Before we go further, you may like to meet my friend, Mr. John Crestani, an affiliate marketer who quite a job of $60,000 a year to earn a whoop of $388,677 that same year doing affiliate marketing.

Copy Writing

As a copywriter, there are positions in affiliate marketing companies to write different kinds of marketing copies like landing pages, advertorials, ads, etc.  So, professional copywriting skills can earn you an enormous amount of money yearly in this field because this skill is rare.  

Web Designing

Web designing is another demanding skill in affiliate marketing companies because, among other things, blogs, landing pages, and advertorials used in affiliate marketing are the work of a web designer. So, good web designing skill is crucial to affiliate marketing because it is design-centered.

Web Development

Web development skills like HTML, CSS, JAVA, and PHP are some of the coding skills that are in demand in affiliate marketing. The work of a web developer is enormous. Some of their core job in affiliate marketing companies are the creation of page layouts, website style, interactive features, secured payment gateway, etc.
It is also responsible for website maintenance and keeping up to date with the latest trends in tech in the industry.

As a Web Developer, you will be working with the project manager and designers closely to make sure the final products adhere to a predetermined budget, scope, and designs.

How To Get Affiliate Marketing Jobs For Beginners:

There are tons of affiliate networks and affiliate companies remote jobs online. To increase your chances of getting your desired position and juicy pay, you will better go to where these companies are available.

However, you can get these jobs on freelance and recruitment websites like Upwork and Indeed. See the snapshot below for a list of featured affiliate marketing jobs on Upwork.


affiliate marketing jobs for beginners

Upwork is a freelance website. They connect freelancers with customers together for short and long-term contracts. We know you may be interested in this platform, and because of that, we have answered one of the frequently asked questions by newbies about it here.


Indeed is one of the largest job sites on the interweb where you can find affiliate marketing jobs for beginners. In the snapshot below, you will see some of the listed affiliate marketing jobs for beginners on

Top 5 Cities To Find Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Job For Beginners

As a beginner who wants to work or build a career in the affiliate marketing industry, considering relocation to areas where these companies are many could be a good idea. That will lessen the competition rate for getting a job for a beginner. For that reason, we have outlined the top 5 cities you can easily find a lucrative full-time affiliate marketing job.

1. San Diego

San Diego is the number one city for affiliate marketing. Maybe this is because of the lifestyle in San Diego; moderate climate, fun, and cheap.

2. Toronto

Toronto is home to top affiliate networks like Maxbounty and Convert2Media. And It’s a location to find a lucrative job in the industry.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the epicenter for affiliate marketing in Europe, and different companies relating to affiliate marketing are in the city.

4. New York

New York is another hub for affiliate marketing companies. But, many companies in New York are accelerated partners who run affiliate programs for big companies like Uber, DoorDash, Lyft, etc.

5. Tapa Bay

Tapa Bay is another home to big affiliate marking companies like CJ. And there are a lot more affiliate companies in the city.

Moreover, there are a lot of affiliate marketing companies that spread out worldwide. And as a beginner, if you can get a job in popular affiliate networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, A4D, and Share A Sale, that would be great not only in terms of remuneration but also professional experience in the industry.

Furthermore, If you want to work as a Media buyer for Mega Affiliates and maybe because you hope to become an affiliate marketer someday, connecting with them through social media would go a long way to getting the job.

However, meeting people in person can be your best bet, and this can be through conferences, workshops, and affiliate summits. You may need experience and personal connection to get that good job being in the frontline buying ads.


We have talked about the different types of affiliate marketing jobs for beginners. We have also examined some of the core affiliate marketing jobs and companies, including cities where they are many. It’s time for you to go and do your exploit now. And If you have any questions or contributions, let me know through the comment section.

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